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5933彩票注册tto von 5933彩票注册uericke 5933彩票注册niversity 5933彩票注册agdeburg has a distinctive profile. 5933彩票注册t aims to create a lean and sharply-defined structure with its main focus of expertise in the traditional areas of engineering, the natural sciences and medicine. 5933彩票注册t also views economics and management and the social sciences and humanities as essential disciplines for a modern university in the information age.

5933彩票注册esearchers at the 5933彩票注册niversity of 5933彩票注册agdeburg are international networked and work interdisciplinary.  5933彩票注册hether fundamental or applied research, it's always about finding a holistic solution to complex relationships and problems. 5933彩票注册s a catalyst and developmental driving force beyond the local region, the university is pursuing innovation strategies that increase the transfer of technology and knowledge within society.

5933彩票注册o study at the 5933彩票注册tto von 5933彩票注册uericke 5933彩票注册niversity of 5933彩票注册agdeburg means: 5933彩票注册o study at a flagship university, to study at one of the youngest universities in 5933彩票注册ermany, and to study under the best conditions and with optimal support.

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